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What if Aliens are real?

So, is it reasonable to think aliens are real? It is interesting to note over the past twenty years the scientific community has become much more open to the idea that we are not alone. Let’s consider for a moment the size of the universe. It is approximately fourteen billion light years across and expanding by 72 kilometers per second every 3.3 million years, so in effect, it is speeding up, as I write this.  Why? Good question. We just don’t know the answer to that, yet. It suffices to know the universe is a very large area full of countless billions upon billions of galaxies populated by trillions upon trillions of stars. Is all of it just coincidence?

Hmm, what if it isn’t? Those two questions beg the discussion of creation vs. evolution or a combination of the two. As I researched the topics it came to my attention over ninety percent of people on this planet believe in a God or gods thus lending their belief to a creation narrative.  I decided to approach the discussion from the point of view we are not alone in this universe and we were created by very intelligent beings, not of this dimension, however, a question of moral development became a pivotal issue in the construction of a conscience either through direct chemical programming or the use of chaos coalescence. It was those two major areas of contention I chose to use in the series of books The Causality of Time as an overriding theme. I wanted to explore the question of which approach is better, conscience or chaos coalescence?

Additionally, I wanted to approach the topic not from a position of miraculous belief but instead from a scientific methodology using twenty-first century breakthroughs in particle physics, astronomy, and biology to explain the creation aspect of not only biology but also planets, solar systems, stars, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, and anti-matter. Through the logical process of scientific discovery, research and practical application, life could have come about by intelligent design and construction. I also incorporated a new theory being thrown about these days, evolutionary creationism; the use of evolution to create. That is a very fascinating theory which I heartily jumped into. The probable outcomes of the two beliefs when combined are multitudinous and one I took full advantage of in the stories.

I sincerely hope you find the stories compelling, provocative, intriguing, but most importantly entertaining.

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