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The Causality of Time – Manifestation (Book 3)

  Talmido has left the City of Freemen. Purging the grief of losing his loved ones from his heart. He traveled to the city of Lagash to find answers to questions haunting his mind and soul. Upon arriving he is approached by an enigmatic and mercurial character of questionable moral fortitude. He quickly falls into an underworld of smuggling, subversive terrorism and a journey that takes him east towards the Hindu Kush. After being given texts of historical value with information of immeasurable consequence Talmido embarks on a search for the gods that have given him immortality and the task of writing down his experiences and lessons learned. The dreams and visions are coming more frequently binding his heart and mind to a purpose not yet fully revealed but gradually being announced as he travels further east.
   Ke-zith-rist, confronted with irrefutable evidence that he cannot ignore must take decisive action or else risk destruction. For a being used to having command and control it is unfamiliar territory and Ke-zith-rist needs to come to terms with the possibility of his species being wiped out from the universe. It is imperative all the stargates are controlled by Ke-zith-rist and his followers, but something is causing constant biological and social problems that cannot be ignored. It is time for decisive action.
   Mars is at the front of a solar conflagration the Milkyway Galaxy has never witnessed before. Humans transferred from Earth to Mars by the Anunnaki are at the tip of the spear as Special Warfare Forces, and the Watchers from the fourteenth dimension converge on the solar system to destroy all humans in partnership with the Anunnaki. Interstellar spaceships have surrounded the planet of Bluiun-thros where the Nreimhin race is located in the Homs Galaxy to thwart any continued activity of the Anunnaki and to destroy any fleeing interstellar spaceships trying to escape. Anunnaki spaceships of vast proportions continue to visit Ke-zith-rist an Admiral of the Sirous-astro-tis solar fleet with mandates for stargate implementation, but the suspicions grow among the Anunnaki the Sirous-astro-tis are not to be trusted.
   Axheriem, an individual of political and subversive training is a servant to Mardu-poe one of the Anunnaki. He is of the Nreimhin race from the planet Bluiun-thros and first met Mardu-poe at the Anunnaki palace located there. Axheriem was subsequently trained in the Anunnaki agenda experiencing terrible and horrific methods of indoctrination that left psychological scars upon his mind and soul. With a burning hatred, Axheriem works hard to unearth the Anunnaki’s full agenda to discover the terrifying truth of it all; a truth no race of beings would desire.
   As those events unfold, the fourteenth dimension witnesses a splintering of purpose and agendas. The Random Intelligence group moves all of its personnel, materials and scientific studies to an adjacent universe. The Focused Intelligence group is scrambling to discern the exact method used to change the particle vibration frequencies of Homo sapiens and come up with a plan of attack to counter the growing anomalous behavior expressed by humanity. The Majestic 12 are trying to contain the fallout of the directives initiated against the Trilateral Perigee but without much success. They need to end the chaos and confusion reigning within the third dimension to avoid a universal catastrophe from unfolding.