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The Causality of Time – Conception (Book 2)

   Talmido and Si-tatious flee across the landscape of ancient Mesopotamia with tens of thousands of people devoted to their cause – freedom and personal liberty. They settle at the headwaters of the Tigris river and the Sea above Akkad to build a city to rival Ninevah and Babylon. They battle Assyrian and Babylonian army contingents as they struggle to establish their burgeoning society of free men and women. The Elamites lend troops and weapons to assist in their titanic struggle to develop another economic bridge to the interior of Mesopotamia for non-national Chaldean and Kassite traders.
   Ke-zith-rist, the first to emerge of his race, is running out of time. A traitor is in the midst, and he must be found before the Empire destroys the fleeing rebels. Waiting for the traitor to expose himself Ki-zith-rist patiently bides his time while rescuing a famous particle physicist from certain death. The results cause a wave of destruction the likes the galaxy had never known. Millions of years later he is commissioned, by the Annunaki, to send out autonomous robots to search for habitable worlds and to set up teleportation stargates. Questions arise as to the reason, and Ki-zith-rist formulates a plan of action to usurp his would be masters.
   Mardupoe, one of the Annunaki, embarks on a campaign to subvert the Primus’ and Authorial’s stated missions. His cohorts devise a plan to confuse any attempt by the 14th dimension to destroy the prime directives of the Trilateral Perigee.
   The Primus, entrusted with maintaining order in the 14th dimension as the Originator is away on business in the 33rd, is faced with open rebellion and has to come up with a plan of action to deal with the rebels. Co-opting the Authorial and the Watchers the Primus engages the Trilateral Perigee to thwart the Annunaki and their supporters in their effort to subjugate the known universe under their influence.
   The Authorial becomes increasingly worried at the decisions contemplated by the Primus and decides to take matters into his hand. With an abundance of alternate universes adjoining the universe of  Homo sapiens the Authorial chooses to create a wormhole to connect to an adjacent universe if an unsavory outcome where to befall the creation of Ki-zith-rist and Axhereim.

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