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The Causality of Time (Book 1)

   It starts in the 12th century BC during the expansionist wars of the Assyrian Empire. Love lost and immortality gained. The main character, Talmido is fighting for the freedom of choice and the liberty of free will. He is given the ability to live forever, never get sick or old and to regenerate his tissue if damaged. He flees the Assyrian military apparatus and fights successive battles for freedom while accumulating masses of displaced, desperate, freedom-loving individuals like himself.

    All of this is happening to a backdrop of alien intelligence and interference. Factions formed to determine whether conscience or chaos coalescence should be the dominant factor in sentient creation’s character. Vast galactic battles of will play out to the eventual definition of what it is to be alive. The eventual causality of the defining actions of antiquity echo to us as we struggle to maintain the freedoms fought over to either win or lose them on the battlefield, governmental office or the pulpit.

A debut novel introduces god-like beings from higher dimensions and one of their key instruments, a warrior in ancient Assyria, granted immortality and a hunger for justice and freedom.

KIRKUS Reviews

Beginning before the start of time with an entity that depends on nothing for its awareness but simply is, this is a story digging into the deep mysteries behind the grand experiment of life. Alternating between the nonphysical entities the Originator created within dimensions far beyond human understanding and the physical experiments created by those entities within our dimension, life becomes a race between two divergent scientific theories. 

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