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Strawthorne takes a large-scale approach to sci-fi storytelling a la Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker and Last and First Men. Here there are two parallel plot lines. Readers who enjoy a well-researched journey through ancient Mesopotamian military history and macrocosmic sci-fi metaphysics will be intrigued. And sci-fi fans will embrace an ambitious epic of cosmic and multidimentional proportions. A sci-fi infused saga of ancient historical events and military operations.

Beginning before the start of time, this is a story digging into the deep mysteries  behind the grand experiment called life. Raised by his father, captured to be a slave in the Assyrian army Talmido falls into a full-on dessertion from the Assyrians and a desparate flight across the ancient landscape as he and his thousands of followers seek a place they can live as free​ people. Overall, this novel is a fascinating trip through ancient historical fiction and modern philosophical thought.

Tracey M.

This is a book that will transport you into a world that the author Jonnathan Strawthorne created. It is full of awesome characters, with twists and turns as well. It will have you guessing to try to figure out what is going to happen next, a page turner. I highly recommend this book.

James Carr

I found the premise of the story to be an interesting approach to discussing history and the effect it has on today's issues. A fictional story with a real message.

The Causality of Time series

The Causality of Time

  • 288 pages

The Causality of Time: Conception