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Reasons for Writing

I am writing this blog to provide my reasons for and background on writing The Causality of Time series of books. About three years ago I was asked what prompted me to write the first book in the series by a developmental editor I had hired. Up to that point, I was never asked the why of such an endeavor and subsequently, I didn’t really reflect on it that much. I tried to respond to the question as best I could.

The motivation was multi-faceted involving deep-seated beliefs and convictions on my part. As I reflected back on the why of the story I came to realize there was a whole lot of information I had no knowledge of ie: Particle physics, molecular biology, linguistics, culture and belief systems that impact me on a routine basis on a subconscious level. Not only the foregoing topics but from my perspective, more importantly, the interplay of those areas upon my biological, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

I love learning however, I very much dislike the institutionalized method of education. Every time the bell rang I would cringe. I felt like one of Pavlov’s dogs; my behavior being modified by the repetitive auto response due to the power of operant conditioning. It irritated and repulsed me to the very core of my nature. I felt as if my innate desire for choice and freedom of expression was being suppressed. Now that I am older I understand the need for organization and uniformity however, I still do not like the clanging of bells.

For most of recorded history, regimented uniformity was mainly the domain of the military, however, with the advent of the industrial revolution humanity needed machine-like behavior to create a determined outcome that would be favorable to the consumer. Economics had supplanted the natural rhythm and behavior of men and women alike for all time. Individuality was not sought after nor rewarded hence repetitive roles and/or functions provided by industry or government replaced the hero, the artisan, the leader, the mother, and the father. Due to that ideology of belief, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries experienced a rapid deterioration of human interaction, development, and maintenance of relationships.

There are a plethora of studies, essays, and books that examine the phenomenon and the resulting condition we see in humanity now in the twenty-first century. From my personal perspective, I believe it is a condition of the figurative heart; the morals and values instilled by our parents, friends, teachers, politicians and religious belief. We are made not only by our biology but additionally by our relationships. It is fundamental to who we are as individuals, families, communities, and societies.

Those deep-seated beliefs, of continued learning (progression not perfection), freedom of expression, meaningful relationships with people and the protection of various organizations within society, are the pivotal values that compelled me to write a book of fiction that explored them in an entertaining but thoughtful process.

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