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A New World Order (Book 1)

   The year is 2087 A.D. The restructuring of the very core energy source within the molecular process is resulting in Quantum DNA mutating most biology into zombified crazies.

   A new world order is announced by the United Nations to prop up the Anglo-American global domination. Russia, China, and India create the Pan-Asian alliance to counter UN aggression and dominance. The rush for an unlimited energy supply as conventional fossil fuels become increasingly scarce and more expensive to produce is propagated by all of the world’s political factions.

   Research on the “GOD” particle intensifies to determine the very structure of creation. The Vatican starts the “The Biblical Scientific Studies of God and Creation” to thwart the rising secular centrist societal aims of the United Nations, the Anglo-American power base and the influence of the evolutionist factions. Islam starts its scientific god studies to definitively point to the power of God and its representative Islam by founding “The Allah Akbar Societal Foundation.”

   All of this is happening while humanity and society begin to degenerate into chaos and confusion.

Where will this lead humankind?

What is one man to do to survive?




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