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​Reader Reviews

“​​The story has an epic feel. Strawthorne should definitely, not stop writing. There is more than a germ of talent here.” – R.W.

“I love your books. I am purchasing hardcovers for my collection just as soon as they are published.” – Karen B.

“Just received your book and begun reading it. I absolutely love it! Thank you. Is there any way to get a signed copy of the book? It would mean so much to me. I’m so excited for the next book in the series.” – Kelli A.

"War was written very realistically, and strategies were incredibly well thought out. I like the chapters where poetry was interjected…” – Gracie Q.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story-line was creative and demonstrated a broad and intricate perspective. Moods were cleverly created by the use of imagery and allusion, so the reader experiences not only the action but also the emotion of the story. The evolution of the principal character is beautifully portrayed with descriptive simile and metaphor.” – Mark C.

Experience history, alternate dimensions, and ordinary individuals face insurmountable and impossible odds. Come and explore controversial ideas of science, space and human nature through fictional stories sure to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotional entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

The Causality of Time 


   It is a story older than humanity. A struggle far beyond the day to day survival of Homo sapiens. A quintessential rivalry of thought and theories.

   Love lost but eternity gained. One man is given the gift of immortality. Living through his life experiences we witness the brutality and wonder of ancient Assyria, Babylon, and the peoples of Mesopotamia, India and China. We delve into what it would be like to live forever, to ultimately live through the eventual death of loved ones as eternal youth determines a man's journey for answers and understanding.

   Beings of immense knowledge and ability intervene in humanity's past, present and future while seeding worlds with alien biological creatures to answer vital questions of moral certitude. All of this culminating in vast galactic battles to determine the very essence of what it means to be alive.

A New World Order


   It is 2087 AD. The future of humanity is at a crossroads. Will it conduct business as usual or will it heed the warnings? With depleting oil and gas reserves the nations of earth are scrambling for new energy sources to bolster their geopolitical stance on the world stage.

   The United Nations is moving towards a one world supranational government. Russia, China and India enter into a Pan-Asian Alliance to counter the Anglo-American partnership. The Catholic Church partners with Islam to thwart the United Nation's secular centrist policies.

   Science, Politics and Religion come crashing through the doors of common sense and practicality. Amidst all the turmoil what is one man to do to survive the fallout of arrogance and presumption in a new world order of chaos and destruction?

​Red White & Grey

   A young man of German and Russian decent is confronted with issues of survival in a world of apposing political ideologies. Under the administration of Woodrow Willson in 1918 thirteen thousand American men are sent to the Russian far east to assist the Czarist White Russians fight the Bolshevik Red Russians in a civil war to define the twentieth century.

   Known as the Siberian Expeditionary Force little is known of the bravery and the circumstances surrounding the adventures of those men. The story incorporates true history with fictional characters and story-line to weave a saga of one young man's change from a rural Texan rancher into a modern warrior. 

   Emerging from the ideals of quaint nineteenth century society into the twentieth century's industrialized viciousness of total war the main character witnesses the last vestiges of a bygone era erased from history while the future inexorably marches on towards a global showdown of despotic ideologies and leaders.