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Red White and Blue

Burkhard was born on June 5th, 1899 to Hans Huber a German-born national and Katarina Huber a Russian born national. In 1894 they immigrated to America where Burkhard was born just northwest of Austin, Texas on a small cattle ranch his father had purchased and in 1903 the Huber family officially became United States citizens. The struggles of the early twentieth century have impacted and defined our world today in ways understood but hard to believe. However little is known of the brave men sent to Russia to assist in its titanic struggle for self-determination, and world acceptance. Buck is drafted into the US Army in 1918 and sent off to the far east of Russia as part of the American Expeditionary Force Siberia. He arrives in the port town of Vladivostok, Russia and is immediately thrust into the fire of war. The adventures, hardships, and unfailing love for his Jewish wife define the man he is to become. Living through historical fact and witnessing the hopes and disappointments of great upheaval Buck lives through the hell of war, political ideology, and despotic leaders while hoping and striving to one day come back to his beloved America.
Tzar Nicholas         Vladimir Lenin        Joseph Stalin
       White Russian Soldiers
    American Soldiers – Vladivostok (1918)
   Canadian Soldiers – Vladivostok (1918)
Red Russian Soldier    Red Russian Officer
Red Russian Child Soldiers
Anti-Bolshevik White Russian Soldiers
                 The Nimitz Hotel
    The Rensleben Grocery Store
          Fredericksburg Church

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